Language Rights Panel

The Language Rights Panel reviews funding applications and makes all decisions regarding case and project funding related to language rights test cases. Its five members have expertise in language rights and official language minority communities in Canada and bring to the Panel expertise in language rights issues as well as considerable experience with a broad range of language rights groups.

The current Language Rights Panel consists of:

J. André Ouellette (Alberta) (Co-chair)

Lawyer with Ouellette Rice in Calgary. Involved in the pleading training sessions in French Language and first lawyer to plead cases in French before a jury in Alberta.

Kathleen Tansey (Québec) (Co-chair)

Lawyer specialized in Labour and Employment Law and member of the Ontario and Quebec Bar.

Gabriel Arsenault (Prince Edward Island)

Gabriel served as Superintendent of Education of the Commission scolaire de langue française de l’Î.-P.-É., until his retirement in June 2005. He was involved in several other associations such as the Association canadienne d’éducation de langue française, the Société éducative de l’Î.-P.-É., and the Regroupement national des directions générales en éducation.

André Braën (Ontario)

Lawyer and professor with the University of Ottawa with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise with language rights.

Léo Robert (Manitoba)

Former Executive Director with the Division scolaire francophone du Manitoba, Léo is a community activist in the francophone community.