About Our Logo

The CCP Logo

The triangle has always been a symbol for equality seeking groups. The symbol on the left side shows two triangles one over the other which, together with the sloped section to their right, represent a "C" for "Challenges". The scale, which is not supported in any way, represents the fragile nature of language and equality rights. Furthermore, the fact that one is more powerful than the other represents the unequal powers between the parties involved. The "C" challenges the inequality.

In addition, the sloped section is divided in three parts representing the funding of test cases and the appeal process of our legal system. Finally, this slope also means the enhancement and the progression of rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The logo was designed by Nicole Martin, CCP's national logo contest winner. Nicole's passion for the creativity of computer graphic design inspired her to participate in Court Challenges Program of Canada's contest. As a visual artist she privileges multidisciplinary processes which are the source of her artistic inspiration. She puts her knowledge of many artistic and cultural sectors to good use as the production coordinator at the Fédération culturelle canadienne-française, they profit from her knowledge of many artistic sectors.