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Colour, Race, Origin, Ethnicity

Charter Litigating for Racial Equality - Nitya Iyer


"Your Client Has A Profile": Race and National Security in Canada. A Working Paper, Court Challenges Program of Canada (abstract)

Taylor v. Canada (Attorney General) Discriminatory judicial conduct and the Charter

The war against Equality: racial profiling and anti-terrorism in Canada

The implications of Okanagan Indian Band for public interest litigants: a strategic discussion paper

Deep Discount Justice: The Challenge of Going to Court with a Charter Claim and No Money

Reclaiming Charter(ed) Territory

Standing to Assert Equality Rights - M. Lynn Gaudet

The Equality Guarantee of the Charter in the 1990's - Gwen Brodsky

Working Together Across Our Differences

Language Rights

Sections 16, 20 and 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Unanswered Questions

Women's Rights

Section 15 in the New Millennium: The Recognition of Human Dignity and Substantive Equality